Being a Good Presenter is an Acquired Skill, Not a Gift

Being a Good Presenter

The New York Times published an excellent article making the case for small business owners to hire speech coaches. Writer Hillary Chura made the point that while business owners might be experts in their particular field, that doesn’t automatically make them good at presenting themselves or their ideas to investors, potential clients, or even other business people. The same is true for executives at every level. 

Whether you’re running a one-woman operation or a manager in a 10,000-person organization, the ability to express yourself clearly and professionally is an important asset that should be practiced and polished. It’s a mistake to assume that some people are simply better at public speaking. While we all have our natural talents, speech and presentation skills are exactly that – skills – that can be practiced and improved upon with focus and time. 

The New York Times article uses the example of a civil engineering company that brought in a speaking trainer for one day to work with 25 people. The company had an upcoming pitch that was potentially worth millions of dollars in new business, but they were the underdogs going in. By taking the time to hone their pitch with a professional – working on timing, descriptive word choices, poise, and cohesion – the company was able to win the bid. 

Spoken presentations are a central part of the modern office. We may not all be putting together pitches to garner million-dollar deals, but we all use speech in our professional lives to one degree or another, especially at the executive level. Business leaders must: 

  • present goals and plans to their teams
  • organize meetings and keep the agenda moving forward with diplomacy
  • make their case for raises and new responsibilities to their bosses
  • pitch to new clients
  • give presentations at conferences
  • network with colleagues
  • maintain healthy and respectful workplace relationships
  • give great interviews when new opportunities arise 

If you’re looking for new ways to expand your horizons and become a more invaluable leader in 2019, executive speech training is a tool that will benefit you for the rest of your life, in and out of the office. Whether you struggle with anxiety, want to be taken more seriously, or need help preparing for a specific presentation, a Chicago speech coach can help you achieve your goals. Call today to schedule a free consultation.