Do You Have Public Speaking Anxiety? Overcome Your Fear

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


Some of the most common public speaking advice we hear is to “just keep putting yourself out there” until you get more comfortable. If you’re someone who deals with public speaking anxiety, you probably detest this advice, as well you should. It’s basically the same thing as saying, “Torture yourself for a long time, and eventually it won’t feel like torture anymore.” Not exactly the most comforting advice. 

While it is true that practicing is a great way to overcome your fear, that doesn’t mean that you need to practice in front of crowds of people. Instead, you can give yourself opportunities to work on your public speaking in a controlled, judgement-free environment with the help of an expert who can guide you through rough patches and give you helpful tips to accentuate your strengths and make the whole process more comfortable. 

I’m talking, of course, about working with an executive speech coach. 

Whether you want to advance at work, need help making it comfortably through interviews, or simply want help reducing social anxiety in your personal life, executive speech coaching can give you the opportunity to practice your public speaking in a way that is comfortable, relaxed, and confidence building. 

“Just putting yourself out there” might work for some people, but it will inevitably be a much more painful and stressful process than it needs to be. By working with a speech coach, you can take the pressure off and work on your speaking skills on your own terms. In addition, rather than simply improving via trial and error, you can get expert feedback on aspects of your speech that you may not even notice. For example: how is your diction, your pacing, your body language, or your projection? These are things that can be difficult to accurately assess on your own. 

But beyond corrections and a sounding board, the right speech coach can use an array of advice, speaking exercises, and mindfulness routines to help you reduce your stress and build both your confidence and effectiveness as a speaker. From meetings to toasts to interviews to presentations, with a little bit of guidance, you can reduce your anxiety in any number of work and personal situations. 

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