Most Companies Struggle with This Issue (Communication)

workplace communication

The rise of technology in the workplace has made it easier to reach people more quickly and in a wider variety of ways. It has sped up all of the processes of business and made the world in general move at a faster clip. But many would argue that all of that technology has actually led to less effective communication. 

Consider the fact that over 200 billion emails are sent every day around the world. Only one third of those emails are actually opened. And of the emails that are opened, how many get lost at the bottom of inboxes? How many get skimmed or misread or put off, which leads to follow up emails and more back and forth and attached files getting misplaced or reply-all-ed to the wrong list of people…  

Effective communication tools can be a great benefit to business. In fact, one study found that businesses with effective communication practices put in place had lower employee turnover rates than their industry averages. The trouble is figuring out how exactly to use all those tools in the most effective way and setting solid standards for the rest of your office to follow. 

The Multitudinous Benefits of Executive Speech Coaching 

You may be wondering what executive speech coaching has to do with email and other methods of communication at work. Contrary to popular belief, executive speech coaching is about a lot more than diction and projection. An executive speech coach can help leaders become more effective communicators at every level – in presentations, in team meetings, in one-on-one workplace conversations, and yes, even through email. 

Improving communication in the workplace starts with the leadership. If the team leader is sending a slew of emails with one question or reminder in each, that sort of behavior is going to affect everyone who has to stop whatever they’re doing in order to respond to each individual thing. If the leader spends thirty minutes drafting an email instead of picking up the phone and having a two-minute conversation, that behavior is going to trickle down, as well. 

If your work life suffers from a deluge of useless emails or poorly managed communication tools, a Chicago executive speech coach can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style and tools and find ways to improve that will benefit both you and the people who report to you.  

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