Speech Therapy Activities for Winter: Inside the Classroom and Beyond


speech therapy activities

One simple way to make speech therapy more fun all year long is to incorporate different events that happen throughout the year. With the winter holidays behind us, it can feel like we’re in a bit of a lull at the beginning of each new year, but there are still plenty of winter-themed activities that can make speech therapy more enjoyable and special during this particular time of year. 

Here are a few of our favorite speech therapy activities for winter that can be enjoyed in the classroom, outside, or at home. 

“I’m building a snowman” activity. 

This is a simple game that gets children thinking creatively and learning how to take turns, all while practicing speech. Start by saying, “I’m building a snowman, and he has…” then name one item that the snowman is wearing. It could be a top hat or a carrot nose – whatever you like. Go around in a circle or back and forth (if you’re playing in pairs) and list new things that the snowman might be wearing.  

This game can turn into a lot of fun once the basics are covered and children start coming up with more and more ridiculous items (such as a unicorn horn or an astronaut’s helmet) to put on the snowman. For older children, you can add an extra element to the game by having each child repeat all of the previous items in order before adding something new to the list. 

Write and recite winter poems. 

Writing and reciting poetry is a great way to stretch those creative thinking muscles and practice rhyme, diction, and pacing. Older children can find a great deal of inspiration in falling snow, crunching leaves, and cozy fireplaces. Younger children can repeat poems after you or simply listen along. Look for winter poems with a lot of fun onomatopoetic words like “crunch” and “blustery.”

Consider taking a wintery walk to find inspiration before you write or as you recite. 

Make winter vocabulary flash cards. 

Winter is a season that comes with its own set of words. From the warm clothes we wear to the sleds we ride to the multitude of terms for falling snow, practicing winter words can be a lot of fun.

You can start with a list of words and have children draw corresponding pictures to make their own flash cards. Or you can print out flash cards and practice putting the words into sentences together.  

For more activity ideas or to schedule a consultation, feel free to call our office any time. Our Chicago speech therapists are always here to help.