Why Should Improving Your Speaking be One of Your Goals for 2019?

improving your speaking

Public speaking is said to be more feared than death. Some people literally claim that they are less afraid of dying than they are of giving a speech in front of a room of people. The big problem with this is that public speaking is all but unavoidable if you hope to have a successful career in pretty much any field. 

No, you won’t need to give a prepared speech in front of a crowded auditorium every day if you work in human resources or in software development or as an executive assistant. But the further you move up the line in practically any job, the more often you will need to present your ideas to your boss, pitch a project you’d like support for, or give compelling interviews that separate you from the crowd.  

If you don’t have the confidence and skills to speak well in both one-on-one and group situations, your opportunities for career advancement will inevitably be limited.That’s why improving your speaking should be one of your big goals for 2019. Whether you have a particular speaking event ahead of you or simply want to communicate more effectively with your boss or your employees, executive speech coaching can be a tremendous asset. 

Effective speaking is about a lot more than the words that come out of your mouth. An experienced speech coach can help with: 

  • Tone of voice and pacing
  • Projection and diction
  • Strategies for boosting confidence and calming nerves
  • Organizing presentations for maximum impact
  • Improving storytelling ability
  • Improving listening ability
  • Reading a room
  • And more.

When you work on your speaking skills, what you’re really working on are your presentation and communication skills. You’re learning how to be better understood and how to better understand others. Those are skills that have practical applications in every aspect of life, from marriage to parenting to career to friendships. 

To learn more about how to prioritize your speaking skills this year, give our office a call today.