Our Services

Healthcare Consulting

BNM provides speech-language pathologists, among others as temporary staff replacements or supplemental services to schools, hospitals, health care facilities and for home health.

One of BNM Professional Consulting Services, Inc's primary goals is to ensure that a program delivers all of its objectives on time and within budget. Our mission is to provide a full array of consulting services which meet the needs of our clients.

Education Consulting

We offer effective training programs and strategies that empower your most creative resource - your employees. Training programs equip employees with the knowledge and tools needed to improve work quality while increasing work volume. BNM trains staff in utilizing communication skills, which will make their presentations powerful, articulate and effective.

Through the use of effective monitoring and measurement processes, we are able to create accountability through results. The processes are simple. We check performance to deliverables and targets as defined by the task in the support process. The checking process includes ongoing examination of quality, cost and time. Quality incorporates functional performance, critical responsiveness, and reliability.

Executive Speech Coaching

Make your presentations powerful, thought-provoking and inciting! Improve your intrinsic speaking skills through BNM’s Executive Speech Coaching. As a result, businesses executives and managers will connect with new prospects, make compelling presentations and communicate effectively between departments and staff.

Executive Speech Coaching provides a valuable service to the individual as well as the business which will improve the company’s bottom line. We provide group workshops as well as training on an individual basis.